How to Research Keyword Effectively

How to Research Keyword Effectively

There have been many tips on doing keyword research because there are many things you may have tried in doing keyword research. You may have failed, and you still have no idea why you get failure after the long-term trial. Some people may be curious about what kind of tool that can help blogger or internet marketers can do better with their current weapon. No matter what tool you are using, when you can do better keyword research, you can get a legit result for both earning and traffic. The first thing when you are going to search and then do research for a keyword is deciding the niche. You have to research niche first before you start blogging, when you have got the idea of niche, you can decide the list of words and then when you have got it, you will be able to scrap the keywords. To make sure that you will get the legit keywords, here are things you have to do to get effective keyword research

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The very first step you have to do is to decide the niche. For example, you may choose niche like “modern house,” you need to scrape the niche using tools you have used. You can use Semrush, Ubersuggest, Keyword Planner and much more. There will be longer niche, and the result can be your keywords. There will be a display of keyword list where you can choose based on some considerations through keyword analysis. You can consider based on the volume search, the level of competition or even the cost per click. That process is called analysis of keyword.


The first analysis you have to do with your result is Keyword competitor. The best tool to see the accurate competitor is Semrush. It will give you an accurate result like who the biggest competitor is and what to take from there when you have seen your current competitor. Another analysis you have to see is the web page competitor. You can get organic keyword when you try Semrush as your keyword tool. In this analysis process, you have to give many options like the result based on competition level, competitor level and cost per click level. When you have got the ideas of the analysis, you will be easy to decide the legit keywords you have chosen from your analysis. It is not easy, but when you can do, you will taste the legit result after it.

The decision

Indeed, the process is long. You may not imagine this before you start learning about the SEO and internet marketing. After having long research, you have to decide on what keywords you have to write for your blog. Based on your goals, you can see which keywords that can be your right thing to write. If you want to get right and decent traffic number, you have to take the big search volume of the keyword but it has low rate competition. It will give you ease in writing and getting the fast visitor. If you want to get better income, you have to choose the big CPC with low competition too.

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