How to Research Keyword with Free Tool

How to Research Keyword

Choosing right and good keywords for your blog can be a daunting task, and everyone has known how hard it is to get the effective keywords. There have been many ways to research keywords for your blog from the free tool up to paid tool like Semrush. We all know that the paid tool must be more powerful, but it is not totally true when you can maximize the free tool you can find everywhere. Don’t ever doubt about your failure when you think that your blog is so quiet because you might be wrong in researching keywords, though; you may use the premium tool. When there is no traffic, you will have no power and passion for writing. It has been a common thing in SEO where keywords become the most effective way to boost your blog performance. If you want to get the first-page result for your blog, you cannot deny the importance of keyword research. Without it, you cannot get the powerful result from your blog. The key point in keyword research is to make sure that people that surf through a search engine can find your blog as one of the best sources for them. What makes you hard to boost the traffic; you may not be able to do that. There are many free tools that can support your blog activity; you don’t need to pay any single penny to get the tool and just read the instruction to get powerful keyword researchers. Here is the free tool you can use to research keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

One of the most popular keyword tools is Google Keyword Planner, and it has been the most used tool for PPC. This tool also provides a statistic for every keyword you have typed including how big the volume of the search, how it does cost for a click, and more. This Keyword planner is just the first step you have to do when you want to get the best and right keyword. It is good for the basic layer for your blog foundation for building your reader community, but you may be going miss many things when you only use this Keyword planner.

Google Autocomplete

This tool is very simple, and it might not be that powerful to use, but for a newbie, this tool can be a legit one. You can type a word and there will be suggested keywords, and it is called as Google Autocomplete. The reason why some suggested keywords or further keywords appear in Google autocomplete or your search bar is that of the volume of the search. The bigger volume will appear in the upper suggested keywords. You can start typing a word followed by random letter, and you will get keywords ideas free from there

Uber Suggest

This software is pretty cool as it can work like Google Autocomplete. It can expand your keyword ideas when you have stuck ideas on what to write. This tool may not be as powerful. You still can get what you want to do with your blog.

Keyword Tool

This application is pretty same with Uber Suggest. What makes it different is the result of suggested keywords that can be more than 750 keywords you can try. This tool runs with more than 100 domains of Google and use more than 80 languages in the world. Another good thing from Keyword tool is user-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about the complicated steps of using this tool because an even newbie can operate this tool. There is no CAPTCHA or ads that can irritate your eyes when you are doing research.


Another free tool for keyword research is WordStream that is more powerful than previous tools we have mentioned above. The suggested keywords are more relevant to your business theme. This tool can give you longer suggested keywords than Google Keyword Planner and other free tools. What makes it bad is the result of the search volume that is not accurate and not better than Keyword Planner of Google.

Keyword Eye

The last free tool you can use for keyword research is Keyword Eye. This tool is better than the previous tools as this is like better or more advanced version of Keyword Planner of Google.

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