Things to Do on Research Keywords for Blogger and Marketer

Research Keywords for Blogger and Marketer

No matter what your business is everyone that goes online needs SEO and keywords to boost their traffic. Keywords are the first thing all of the internet marketers have to be able to do because it is the basic thing they have to master when they want to boost their traffic and do better promotion on the internet. That is why keyword research is the first important thing everyone should do when they want to expand their business to online market. Keyword search is very crucial in SEO and PPC. Although SEO and PPC are different things but keyword has the same role there. When you are going to use PPC, you also need to shoot the right keyword to make sure that your ads will be right placed to targeted consumers. When you want to do SEO, you also shoot right keyword to get more views and clicks. SEO and PPC work together on the same line to promote your business or your blogs. The successful promotion starts from picking the right keywords that is why it is so important to have skill in research keyword. If you are a newbie, you may need to have known about how to do it free and powerful and here are tips to research keyword without spending much money.

Prepare your passion in writing

When you have to write your blog, you have to choose what your passion is. You have to make it suitable for your current business that you are promoting. In which topic you like to write. When you have known which part you want to take part, you have to pick a keyword that related to it. Then, start making a list of the possible keywords related to the main topic or keyword. The reason why you have to make it suitable for your current business and your passion is to make it more powerful and giving effective impact to your current business. The worst impact if you do it randomly is the reader, or targeted consumers will not be interested in visiting your site and then finding another site that can be useful for their search.

Try using keyword research tool

There are many tools that you can try. The first tool may be Ubersuggest. Go to the web page and start typing your keyword from your current list you have made before. There will be many suggestions you can write or copy and paste to Notepad. You have to make a checklist on what keyword you have researched. Another web or tool you can try to use is Keyword Eye. There will be many suggestions that are followed with many search volume and click cost so you can make a budgeting when you want to apply PPC. Keyword Eye is indeed legit, but there are still many tools you can use. Another tool that is right for PPC is Google Keyword Planner or Google Adwords where you can get the sight of which keyword that is good for your budget and targeted earning. Google Keyword planner has more insights on the trending, cost per click, search volume and the competitor’s view but it is not as powerful as paid tools.

Filter the potential keywords’

When you have got a lot of keywords from the result, you have to filter the keywords. Choose the most potential. If you are a blogger that needs to boost the earning, you have to choose the high paying keywords and make sure that there is no such big competition on it. If you are a business person, you may need to filter to choose which the most effective keywords with affordable PPC for your budget.

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